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Let’s meet with Céline Ventalon, woman of the world, entrepreneur committed to women, their health and their well-being, founder of Emer; Franco-Vietnamese company offering high-end period Underwear.
Adventures, multicultural discoveries, incredible encounters and a passion for the most ambitious and innovative projects for the women’s cause while being respectful of the environment, have shaped this committed woman who has lived in Asia for 17 years.
Educate, convert, protect, sublimate, these are the missions that Céline defends with probity and passion. Immersed from childhood in the universe of women’s lingerie, a universe revealing the beauty of women, this lover of beautiful materials and innovation, knew how to make the most of her past experience in the Chantelle Group in Singapore. Convinced that menstrual underwear represents the greatest sanitary and ecological revolution for the feminine cause of the last 30 years, Emer was born; fruit of stubborn and meticulous work.

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