No pads/tampons needed

Machine washable

Reusable 3 to 5 years

Shop your émer

Absorbent. Breathable. Anti-bacterial. Anti-odor. Easy to clean. Easy to love.

349.000 Absorption 4

A reusable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual pads

689.000 Absorption 3

The perfect companion for women looking for confidence and a cold nose during days of strawberry abundance

689.000 Absorption 4

Stella heavy flow, offers a wider coverage in the back and provides reliable protection and absorbency to cater to the unique features and functionality during days of heavy menstrual flow.

Click on drop icons to see their absorbency equivalence

Click on drop icons to see their absorbency equivalence

The future of feminine hygiene

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What customers are saying

Jay KimJay Kim
02:52 07 Jul 23
Enthusiastic staff, excellent quality products, diverse designs, many sizes including large sizes. The shop is so great, I will support it for a long time and recommend my friends to buy it too!
Talissa BuiTalissa Bui
05:03 06 Jul 23
I got it as a gift and it's super comfortable and definitely worth it 🙂 way better than pads and tampons !
1 Sale1 Sale
03:19 05 Jul 23
Highly recommendedVery convenient and Safe. No more inserting pad. Should try and you will fall in luv this new solution for period time.
Ca Dao VũCa Dao Vũ
03:10 05 Jul 23
Try it out and your life will change, im so in love with it. Very convince for period days and protect the environment.
Quyên NguyễnQuyên Nguyễn
12:42 04 Jul 23
Totally perfect! I’m more than satisfied this solution to replace the period pads that I can wear during my working time. Much love this new solution from Emer. And I got discount for 10% for a box of 3 pieces, really affordable price.
Christy NgoChristy Ngo
12:10 04 Jul 23
I bought it and tried it on. Received the goods very satisfied. Wear comfortable and absolutely no need to wear bvs anymore. You guys advise quite enthusiastically 😍


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