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SEO is Search Engine Optimization, being how a website ranks in a search engine such as the infamous Google platform. In 2020, up to an astounding 20% of Vietnam internet users used Google search engine – this is why it is so essential to reap the benefits that search engines have to offer when it comes to research for products and resources.

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Which Émer panties are perfect for your cycle?

Menstruation should no longer be a stress for girls because there are menstrual panties – a revolutionary breakthrough solution that helps women around the world gets a better life during their period. Why should you buy some of these magic pants? Which menstrual panty is right for you? Let Émer discover the “style” you are …

Menstrual Underwear: The ideal travel companion!

Traveling is an opportunity to relieve stress after a long day, but on “red light” day it can make you extremely worried? Tips and tricks on how to “save” your mood and enjoy your time? Don’t worry, Émer will unveil to you the perfect “weapon” for the “red light” day. Get started now! Using menstrual …

How to calculate your menstrual cycle: simple, easy to apply!

Understanding how to calculate the menstrual cycle will help women monitor their own health as well as detect abnormal changes in the body. In today’s article, Émer shares with you an extremely simple policy to calculate the menstrual cycle. Let’s discover more! Mastering how to calculate your menstrual cycle helps you understand your health and …

Why are millions of women switching to menstrual panties?

We are all too familiar with the use of tampons, sanitary pads and menstrual cups during “shark week”, but are they our best choices? In fact, many women have sensitive skin, which can develop rashes and discomfort when exposed to pads or tampons. On top of that, menstrual cups and tampons are not made for …

Can I swim during my period?

For ages, we have always thought that while having our period, we should not go swimming because it is not clean, nor it is anti-leak, or even that it can be harmful to the body … On summer days, women really want to go to the beach and immerse themselves in the cool water. But …

How to remove menstrual blood stains on your favorite clothes!

If unfortunately you happen to get blood on your clothes, you need to clean it immediately as removing it would be easier if not yet dry. What should be done? Don’t worry, please find below the ways to remove menstrual blood stains on your clothes in this article! “Go blood” on your clothes, what to do? Tips …

Which menstrual product will make you save money?

Did you know: a woman has to pay about 414,000,000 VND for disposable menstrual products during her lifetime. Too expensive right? So, how to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your period? Let’s find the answer with Emer in the article below! Which menstrual product is effective, safe and still cost-effective? 3 Menstrual products are commonly used …

What is menstrual panties, and the great advantages you should know!

How to “beat” the fear of overflowing every time it works? A problem that many women, especially teenagers, are extremely concerned about. Don’t worry, Émer will “reveal” a great solution to help you go through the “red light” safely, which is menstrual underwear! So, what are menstrual panties? Why should you use them on menstrual days? …

My daughter has her period for the first time, How to explain? What to advice?

As puberty approaches, a girl’s body undergoes physical changes that can be stressful. As a mother we should be prepared to educate our daughters when first signs showed up. Therefore, it is important to share with your daughter the first signs of puberty and other useful information so that your baby can experience her first …

The best way to prevent menstrual overflow during your period

Grumpy mood, back pain, abdominal pain, and dozens of other discomforts that occur during menstruation plague women’s life. Having to worry about our periods, has been long enough. We need to take action! Don’t worry, there are many extremely useful ways to prevent these bad effects that we will explain in this article. Here are …