Can I swim during my period?


Date: 19/09/2023

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For ages, we have always thought that while having our period, we should not go swimming because it is not clean, nor it is anti-leak, or even that it can be harmful to the body … On summer days, women really want to go to the beach and immerse themselves in the cool water. But if you are on your period, you will certainly feel quite uncomfortable going for a swim and think that this is not proper!

However, scientific studies show that this is completely safe for women’s health. So, why is swimming when having your period a taboo?

Is swimming during menstruation time possible or unrecommended?

Should you go swimming or lying on the beach on a “red day”?

All you hear about menstrual swimming is that is unsanitary, dirty, and can lead to shame if you have leaks. In fact, women can swim during their menstrual cycle comfortably.  “Pressure from the water will slow down the flow and prevent it from entering the water,” says Dr. Shepherd. Currently, there are many solutions to help reduce or stop the flow, protecting you when swimming. In particular, according to research, swimming during menstruation will reduce menstrual symptoms and help you feel better.

Sports help release beta-endorphin as a natural pain reliever and feel-good endorphins in the body. These compounds also help burn prostaglandins that help eliminate pain and cramping.
Thus, swimming on a “red light” day brings a lot of physical and mental benefits to women. Therefore, you can be more comfortable and confident in all daily activities as well as enjoy swimming.

3 Things to keep in mind when swimming during menstruation

In addition to using the right protection, you need to note a few things to enjoy swimming during menstruation!

1. Choose your clothes wisely

You should choose a 2 pieces swimsuit that can facilitate changing after swimming.

2. Choose dark swimwear

On “red day”, in addition to choosing darker clothes, you should also choose darker swimwear to create a sense of security and “hide” the leak.

The ideal colors to choose for swimwear are dark purple, dark blue and black. Besides, you should choose a swimsuit with thicker fabric in order to hide your menstrual protection.

Dark swimwear helps you to be confident and not afraid of “leaks” if something goes wrong

3. Keep a relaxed, happy mood

Going swimming during your period will make you feel embarrassed and lose confidence when going into or out of the water.

Don’t let this affect your mood. Remember one thing: don’t pay too much attention to the flow or constantly check the bottom for leaks!

Relax and enjoy the coolness of the water. If you feel too worried, you can go to the bathroom to check or ask your girlfriend to let you know if there is a problem.

Menstrual underwear: The optimal solution during menstruation

Pads aren’t the best option for swimming. They can absorb the pool’s water and make your bottom heavier, as well as detach from your panty.Tampons and cups are perfect for the occasion though. The only problem is that not everyone is comfortable using them, especially teenagers.

What is the best option for women to swim during menstruation?

Many experts recommend menstrual underwear – a revolutionary and innovative product that can change women’s lives.

You can find a lot of menstrual panties on the market, but the Émer brand is still the top choice of women in Vietnam.

Émer period panties have the same design as regular underwear but are designed with 4 smart, absorbent, and protective layers:

● The first layer helps to wick moisture and create breathability.

● The second layer, is highly absorbent, equivalent to 3-5 regular tampons.

● The third layer is the waterproof layer that prevents leaking.

● The fourth layer, the main fabric is for durability and fashion.


4 special layers for anti-leak, comfort, antibacterial and breathability

Émer period underwear comes in a variety of styles and sizes: high-waisted, hipster and lace, and seamless panties. They can also meet your needs throughout the cycle, from light to heavy flow, and from daytime usage to nighttime needs.

In addition, Émer also produces menstrual swimwear to help women feel beautiful and protected while swimming on the “red day” without having to worry about any problems.

Émer menstrual panties and swimsuits are extremely lightweight and comfortable, suitable for all users’ skin. The product can be used by teenagers, pregnant mothers, postpartum moms, and all women in general.


Émer’s Menstrual Swimsuits


Basic design that can go with any top

Note: To use Émer menstrual panties properly, simply rinse the product with soap under cold water or machine wash it in a gentle cycle. Then hang it out to dry in the sun and store it carefully.


Through the above article, Émer hopes that women around the world can be more confident during menstruation and do everything they want.

And don’t forget to use Émer menstrual underwear throughout your period to enjoy the most protected and comfortable feeling. To buy products, please contact hotline 0888.400.922 or inbox Facebook Émer Vietnam for advice, price and order!