In a world where fashion and practicality often stand at odds, there is a unique opportunity to create a collaboration that bridges the gap between style and functionality. Imagine a partnership that not only redefines the way women experience their menstrual cycles but also empowers them to embrace their individuality and self-expression. This is where the visionary collaboration between Emer x Daphale comes into play.

Émer x Daphale Collab

Our collab began with a simple yet powerful observation: menstruation is a natural part of life, yet it has often been accompanied by discomfort, inconvenience, and even shame. This drove Thai Nhi & Celine, respectively the Founder of Daphale & Emer to create a revolutionary collection, a collab that would redefine the way women experience their periods. They were motivated by the desire to make menstruation hassle-free, comfortable, and stigma-free, allowing women to embrace this natural process without compromise.

Émer x Daphale Collab

Emer x Daphale collab ensure that the collection embraces diversity and inclusivity. Offering a range of sizes and designs that cater to different body types, needs, concerns and of course the preferences of the genuine voices of the womenboth brands aim to serve.

“EM Collection”
The Bra

The core concept of this collaboration revolves around seamlessly integrating the stylish aesthetics of Daphale with the innovative and comfort-driven design of Emer. By merging the two brands’ strengths, Thao Nhi & Celine created a menstrual lingerie set that not only function impeccably but also feels like an extension of one’s personal style.

the menstrual thong

Empowering women has been the cornerstone of our development process. We listened, learned, and iterated to create the perfect menstrual underwear collection. By normalizing menstrual underwear, Emer x Daphale are dismantling age-old taboos and stereotypes, showing women that have the rights to live their live at the fullest.

The menstrual underwear

Celine and Thao Nhi are thinking about the impact on such product on the your generation. This collab aim to break down barriers, shatter taboos and create a future where women are truly empowered. Let’s show the world that menstruation is not a weakness but a testament to our strenght.

Behind The Scene

Rapid Fire Q&A

Introducing the EM Collection from Emer x Daphale, a groundbreaking line of menstrual underwear, thong and a sophisticated bra designed to enhance comfort, confidence, and menstrual hygiene for women of all ages. Each piece in this collection designed by both founders carries the essence of artisanal craftsmanship, offering women a uniquely personal and environmentally conscious way to manage their periods.

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