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How to Wash?


A typical émer pair of panties has 4 layers of technical fabric with distinct missions:

  1.  Moisture wicking: Keeping your skin dry by moving fluids away to the second layer
  2. Absorbency: Super absorbent and anti-bacterial layer storing all the fluids
  3. Anti-leak: Waterproof layer sealing the content safely inside
  4. Main fabric: Outer layer making you look sexy

It depends on the design.

For instance, Valerie can hold around 40ml of liquid, which is equivalent to 2.5 super pads, or 1.5 menstrual cup.

Meanwhile, Roxanne should be used for spotting and white discharge only.
Look out for the flow chart and flow indicator to learn each design’s capacity.

We do, indeed!
Valerie and Amelié panties come in 2 different types of technical layer designs: Active pad and Ultra pad.

Active pads go up to the middle of your pants to allow for comfort and coolness.

Meanwhile, Ultra pads go all the way up to the pants’ lining to increase absorbency and prevent leaks.

That’s why the Ultra pad models are perfect for night sleeps – bye bye stained bedsheets!

Feel free to wear them during the day for an extra bit of safety.

Check them out here:

– Valerie

– Amélie

Yes, yes and yes! Originally, émer panties were designed for menstruation, but turned out many users found them useful for mild urinary leakage and other types of discharges.

You should always seek out specialized products, but normally an émer can do the job, and here’s why:
– émer panties can hold up to 40ml of any type of liquid.
Valerie panties are high-waisted, which is a naturally soothing design for the belly, perfect for post-partum moms. Buy it here!
– All pants meet Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, thus contain 0% toxins and is 100% safe for post-surgery skin.

All of our designs have OEKO-TEX’s Standard 100 certificates, one of the world’s best-known certificates for textiles.

This means that every component of the fabric is tested for harmful substances and therefore is harmless for human health.
0% amount of toxins, 100% safe.

We want to make sure using our product is also a way of taking care of your lady part’s health.

Click on the links below to see the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificates from émer’s fabric provider.

  1. Moisture-wicking layer
  2. Absorbent layer
  3. Water-repellent layer

With anti-microbial fabric, émer pants allow up to 8 hours of protection.

However, it depends on your flow. Make a few tests at home to see how long it takes for an émer to reach its full capacity on your heavy days, moderate days, and light days, then change before the “deadline”.

We could tell you 99 reasons, but here are the top 4:

They’re elastic. They’re thin. They’re breathable. No insertion. No discomfort. Only freedom.

Odor & bacteria control:
émer panties use antimicrobial fabric, thus produce fewer bacteria (which are the main cause for bad smells), and therefore create minimal odor.

By switching to émer, you can reduce up to 300 pieces of non-degradable plastic each year.
Worth a try?

No period shall prevent us from looking awesome.

Each solution has its own advantages, as described in the table below. Each woman and girl will have different preferences, but if you…

don’t want a solution that requires insertion
find a cup complicated to use
are concerned about environmental impacts
experience irritations and infections caused by pads and tampons

then émer is THE choice!

How to use Require insertion (for tampons) or multiple steps (for pads) Require insertion
Take time to get used to
Pull it on and done!
Components May contain microplastics, chemical residues, or artificial perfume. Medical-grade silicone, rubber, or latex OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified fabric – 0% amount of harmful chemicals
Waste generated On average 300 pieces of non-degradable waste each year 15g of silicone for each cup 70g of fabric for each pair
Safety Low.
High risks of infections and toxic shocks.
Imminent risks of infections if subjected to improper care.
No insertion required.
Made of antibacterial fabric.

Did you know that there is a vicious chain of reactions going on down there every month?
Sanitary pads’ materials don’t allow air to pass through.
This accumulates moisture around your lady part.
Moisture helps bacteria grow faster.
Bacterial activities incur odor.

On the other hand, émer pants’ fabrics are both antimicrobial and breathable.
They let the air move through.
They wick moisture away from your skin to keep it dry.
They create an unfriendly environment for bacteria.
Fewer bacteria, less odor, problem solved.

First, wash your émer 1 or 2 times before using it for the first time to increase its absorption capacity.

Then after use, follow these 3 simple steps:
1. Rinse under a tap until the water is clear
2. Machine wash with under 30 degrees Celcius water in a delicate cycle
3. Hang to dry in the open air. Voila, clean as new!


  1.  No, the panties won’t stain the rest of your laundry!
  2. Heat, bleach, and softener will damage the fabric, so keep them away. Dryer, hair dryer, or radiator are a no-no!
  3. Use a mesh to separate the pants from your clothes.

advised by medical experts

No problem! 3 easy steps to do it:

  1. Make the request within the first 3 days
  2. Make sure the panties have not been used, washed, or damaged
  3. Pay the 2-way delivery fees & price difference (if any)

Yes! Items purchased in a set can be exchanged or returned inpidually with the same policies as inpidual items.