Menstrual Underwear: The ideal travel companion!


Date: 19/09/2023

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Traveling is an opportunity to relieve stress after a long day, but on “red light” day it can make you extremely worried? Tips and tricks on how to “save” your mood and enjoy your time?

Don’t worry, Émer will unveil to you the perfect “weapon” for the “red light” day. Get started now!

Using menstrual underwear helps you confidently “keep your confidence” while living your normal life with your friends

Quick overview of what is available on the market: For decades you thought it was safe , but it wasn’t!

Most of women are familiar with the sanitary pads or tampons below, but sometimes you happen to get yourself trapped into unforeseeable frustrating situations. This makes it impossible for you to experience your holidays as you wish they should be.

1. Sanitary pads

A very convenient product that is easily available in any retail store. But when traveling, you can’t go to the toilet as often to check and change it like at home. There are even girls who keep the pads for a long time even though this is completely harmful to their health.

2. Menstrual cup

If something goes wrong; for example if the cup is misaligned and needs to be removed urgently, you will need to use a separate sink in the restroom to clean your cup, but it is difficult to find a toilet meet this criteria. How inconvenient, right?

3. Tampon

The truth is that not all girls “love” tampons because they think the product is quite difficult to use and it is in direct contact with our vagina. Also sometimes tampons expose them to unwanted leaks. Surely you wouldn’t want your favorite flowing white dress to be stained with blood, would you?

Menstrual panties are loved by many women because they can overcome all disadvantages of sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

So, how to confidently enjoy the trip?

A innovative product, that is considered to be a major revolution to help improve the lives of modern women, is menstrual panties. Using menstrual underwear is the best solution to reduce global waste, contributing to protecting the living environment to become a better place for the next generation.

The product has the same design and quality as a regular underwear, but the features it brings will change your life. You do not need to worry about replacing or “leaking” because this product completely overcomes all those disadvantages.

A pair of menstrual pants can be used for 10 hours without harming your skin, “your vagina” or your health because they are made from antibacterial, chemical-free fabric technology to help deodorize and fight infection. Isn’t it great!

You don’t need to worry about washing, just put your menstrual underwear in a waterproof bag (provided by Émer) and take it back to the hotel to wash with cold water. Menstrual underwear is super thin and light, you just need to hang it overnight to completely dry.

Note: do not use a hair dryer or softener as it will affect the quality of the product.

The reason you should prepare a minimum of 3 menstrual underwears for a more perfect trip!

Are you afraid of not being able to wear white dresses, body dresses because they will reveal the edges or worse, spill out?

Because they are made from high-quality antibacterial OEKO Tek fabric, menstrual underwears help to smartly deodorize and limit “girl” infections. In addition, by using Émer menstrual underwear you can save more costs because they can be reused from 3 to 5 years. It’s great, isn’t it?

“Revealing” 3 models of the best menstrual underwear to bring when traveling!

1. Amélie (for daytime use)

Suitable in the early stages of menstruation because of its high absorbency, Hipster style to help you comfortably participate in all fun activities and the long padding to the back of the pants is extremely safe but still provide breathability. You can rest assured that you are “safe and sound” all day long.

Amélie Menstrual underwears for daytime during the beginning of the menstrual cycle

2. Stella (for daytime use)

For light to medium menstrual flow or nearing the end of menstrual periods. Stella pants are borderless, excellent thinness, so it is very comfortable to wear for a long time.


Stella menstrual underwear are perfect for your regular menstrual days.

3. Merla Swimwear

Menstrual Swimsuits are the best choice for vacations, you can confidently immerse yourself in the cool water at the pool or beach without fear of leaks or spills affecting everyone.

Merla is manufactured using Émer’s exclusive technology, only available in Vietnam and verified by hundreds of customers. If you have doubts about the “miracle” anti-spill ability of this product, try it now to experience it for real!

Using Émer period swimsuit, you can confidently swim and participate in sea activities

So what are you waiting for, buy yourself a few pairs of Émer menstrual pants and swimsuit to enjoy every memorable fun moment with your loved ones.


Émer panties are sold at the unique price of 689,000 VND. Émer offers 10% – 15% discount for combos of 3 – 6 products, you can invest a minimum of 3 panties and up to 6 panties for easy replacement during your menstrual cycle!

If you want to buy our products, contact hotline 0888.400.922 or inbox Facebook Émer Vietnam – staff will advise products, quote and deliver right away!