What is menstrual panties, and the great advantages you should know!


Date: 19/09/2023

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How to “beat” the fear of overflowing every time it works? A problem that many women, especially teenagers, are extremely concerned about. Don’t worry, Émer will “reveal” a great solution to help you go through the “red light” safely, which is menstrual underwear!

So, what are menstrual panties? Why should you use them on menstrual days? Emer will answer in detail in this article, check it out now!

Menstrual pants – a great “companion” of all women during menstruation

What is Menstrual Underwear?

Menstrual briefs are shaped like a normal pair of underwear, but are specially designed with a bottom layer that can absorb liquids 3 to 5 times better than tampons and is much easier to use, compared to a menstrual cup or tampon. Therefore, menstrual panties become the perfect choice for all women and teenagers.

Menstrual panties are super resistant, super absorbent, washable and contains 0% of harmful chemicals to help you stay comfortable and confident while being on your period.

The reason you should use Émer menstrual underwear

Here are the top reasons why every woman should buy Émer menstrual panties to get the best experience on their menstrual periods:

1. Special structure, meeting international standards

Why is this product trusted by millions of women? Different from the menstrual protection available on the market, Émer’s panties have a special 4-layer structure, meeting international standards:

  • Layer 1: wicks away moisture, creating breathability to keep the skin surface dry after only a few minutes.
  • Layer 2: made from super absorbent microfiber fabric.
  • Layer 3: made of high-quality water-resistant fabric to prevent any leaking.
  • Layer 4: Fixed layer creates certainty and fashion.

Do you doubt about the “supernatural” anti-leak and antibacterial ability of Émer menstrual pants? Experience it now to feel better!

2. Safety Guarantee 

When using sanitary pads, menstrual cups or tampons, it is imperative that you change or clean them every 4 hours to ensure hygiene and safety for your body. Not very practical, right?

Meanwhile, each layer of fabric of Émer menstrual underwear is treated with antibacterial treatment and meets the international OEKO-TEX Standard 100, containing 0% of chemicals harmful to human health to help improve usability. up to 10-12 hours. Super convenient, right?

In addition, fabrics from Émer menstrual pants are anti-bacterial, thus extremely breathable and effectively wicks moisture to help prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reduce unpleasant odors.

Émer menstrual pants have a beautiful fashion design and ensure absolute safety to help you relieved stress on your period

3. Effective cost saving

Émer menstrual panties not only protect the “girl” during menstruation, the product can be reused for 3-5 years, saving you more money than any other menstrual products. At the same time, using menstrual panty also contributes to reducing the amount of waste, protecting the green – clean – beautiful environment.

How to clean and maintain Émer . menstrual underwear

We have learned about the outstanding advantages of menstrual underwear, to ensure the quality of use and safety for the body, you also need to understand how to use and preserve it.

Émer menstrual pants are easily rinsed in just 1 minute. You just need to gently rub it under cold water until it is completely clean, then wash it with detergent, hang it to dry and store it in the closet.

Note: Avoid using hot water, softener, bleach or exposing it to direct sunlight, it will degrade the quality of the panty, affecting its life span.

A few important notes when using Émer menstrual underwear

To use Émer menstrual underwear effectively as desired, you should note a few things as follows:

  • Depending on your menstrual flow, consider changing your underwear more often.
  • Should prepare 3-6 pairs of underwear to use during the “red light” period and avoid wearing pants for more than 12 hours in order to experience leakage.
  • Menstrual panty can also be worn on regular days or days with a lot of white discharge.
  • It is recommended to choose panties for the night like Valerie or Amélie models – designed with a longer and thicker bottom layer to help you safely fall into a deep sleep without fear of overflowing.

Valerie menstrual pants at night help you comfortably “roll over” in bed and sleep better


After learning about what menstrual panties are, you’ll see that there’s no reason to be afraid on menstrual days. Using Émer menstrual panties is a powerful tool to help you do everything you like while being on your period.

Émer offers a wide range of menstrual panties ranging from high-waisted, low-waisted models, day pants, night pants and even unique swimming bottom to help women confidently participate in all fun activities without fear of “overflowing”!

If you have any questions about menstrual panties, do not hesitate to contact Émer via hotline 0888.400.922 or inbox Émer Vietnam for detailed answers!