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Date: 04/01/2024

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In the journey of building and nurturing a relationship, there are moments that require extra sensitivity and understanding, especially when she is on her period. 

In this article, Emer will reveal the best ways to care for your girlfriend during her menstrual cycle, turning every month into an opportunity to express love and strengthen your bond. 

Recognizing the Signs of Her Menstrual Cycle

“Menstruation,” often humorously referred to as the “red light”, marks the start of her monthly menstrual cycle. This occurs due to a decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels, leading to periodic bleeding from the uterus. 

This process is a result of the coordination between the ovaries, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus. Any disruption in this process can affect her menstrual cycle and reproductive health. 

During this time, she may experience several physical and emotional discomforts. Common symptoms include:

  • Acne and skin changes.
  • Swollen breast and backaches.
  • Lower abdominal cramps.
  • Mood swings, irritability, and increased stress.
  • Potential sleep disturbances.

Severe abdominal pain and fatigue are common during menstruation

Understanding these changes helps you empathize and care for your girlfriend during her period, supporting her through these crucial days.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend is Menstruating?

Join Emer in discovering simple but meaningful ways to be the best companion for her during her “red light” days!

1. Keep Pain Relief Medication Ready

It’s essential to know what to buy for your girlfriend during her period. While hot packs may not effectively relieve pain, medications like ibuprofen or aspirin become necessary. 

Having pain relief medication ready not only shows your care but also helps her feel more comfortable during her cycle.

2. Offer Her a Gentle Massage

During menstruation, women often experience back pain, abdominal discomfort, and fatigue, impacting their physical and mental well-being. 

A gentle massage on her abdomen, back, and legs can soothe her mood. It also shows your care and helps strengthen your emotional connection.

3. Prepare Warm, Nutritious Meals

What should your girlfriend eat during her period to improve her mood? Cooking warm, nutritious meals is an excellent way. 

A hot bowl of red bean soup, easily digestible porridge, or a warm ginger tea can warm her heart. This not only makes her feel better but also shows your thoughtfulness, love, and care. 

A hot cup of tea can soothe abdominal pain and improve her mood

4.  Be Extra Gentle, Caring, and Loving

What should you do to express your affection when your girlfriend is menstruating? This is a crucial time to show gentleness, care, and unconditional love. 

Try to understand and empathize with her changes. Sweet words, small caring gestures like preparing meals, or simply being there to listen and share can brighten her day significantly!

5. Go for a Walk Together

A gentle walk not only helps her feel physically better but also provides a quiet space for sharing and emotional connection. Choose peaceful locations away from noise and crowds. 

This can help reduce her stress, and you both can enjoy simple, intimate moments together.

6. Compliment Her Often

When faced with the question, “what to do when your girlfriend is menstruating,” a simple but effective way is to always compliment her. 

During these days, she might feel uncomfortable and less confident. Your compliments can be a “spiritual tonic,” making her feel valued and loved, and lifting her mood.

7. Give Her the Perfect Gift!

During her “red light” days, a thoughtful and practical gift you can give is Emer menstrual underwear. Designed for comfort and with absorbency equivalent to 5 sanitary pads, without feeling damp or itchy – this product helps her stay confident in any situation. 

Its antibacterial and odor-neutralizing features offer comfort all day. Emer menstrual underwear is certified safe with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 – free from harmful chemicals, making it extremely safe for her health.

Emer menstrual underwear looks like regular underwear but with special absorbency – allowing your girlfriend to comfortably go through her period.

Plain menstrual underwear models make it easy for her to wear with any outfit. Additionally, the product comes in various styles and colors for you to choose from.

This wonderful gift not only demonstrates your understanding and thoughtfulness but also helps her navigate her days with ease and confidence.

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Avoid These Things When Your Girlfriend is Menstruating!

During her monthly menstrual cycle, special attention to her physical and mental health is crucial. To make her feel more comfortable, keep in mind the following:

  • Avoid Arguing: Gentle, patient communication is better than adding stress and negative thoughts. Instead, choose to communicate in a gentle and patient manner.
  • Refrain from Back Massages: Although well-intended, back massages might impede blood circulation, potentially leading to increased discomfort.
  • Steer Clear of Cold Foods: Cold foods tend to slow down blood flow, which can amplify sensations of pain.
  • Refrain from Sexual Activity: Engaging in sexual activities during this time can heighten the risk of infections and injuries to the pelvic and vaginal areas. It’s advisable for both partners to abstain from sex during her period as a precaution for her health. 

Through these insights on “what a boyfriend should do when his girlfriend is menstruating,” you’ll surely gain valuable experience in caring for your girlfriend during her menstrual cycle. 

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