Which Émer panties are perfect for your cycle?


Date: 19/09/2023

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Menstruation should no longer be a stress for girls because there are menstrual panties – a revolutionary breakthrough solution that helps women around the world gets a better life during their period.

Why should you buy some of these magic pants? Which menstrual panty is right for you? Let Émer discover the “style” you are looking for right in this article!

Menstrual underwear helps you go through your period smoothly

What is a Menstrual Underwear?

The “red light” period is a very challenging time for women at work, at home, on holidays or simply going out with friends. They have to use feminine hygiene products continuously, leading to possible “skin rashes” and causing unpleasant odors.

Menstrual underwear is an innovative  product that, although shaped like regular underwear, is exclusively used for your period.

The panty provides absolute protection for women because it solves all common discomforts encountered during menstruation such as: wetness, leakage, bad odor… Thanks to being made of high-quality OEKO TEK French fabric, Menstrual underwear also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and effective odor prevention.

Outstanding advantages of menstrual underwear

Menstrual panties are the most perfect protection solution for every women on their period, compared to:

  • Menstrual cup: save time using to insert and retrieve cup (when need to replace), just wear as a normal underwear.
  • Tampons: Menstrual pants have super absorbency with continuous wear time of up to 10 hours without causing infection.
  • Sanitary pads: the product uses a high-quality fabric that is very breathable and antibacterial. You can say “goodbye” to unpleasant odors and itching!

4 layers of intelligence to optimize the efficiency

All Émer products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and certified 0% chemicals harmful to skin and human health. Thanks to that, menstrual pants are also trusted by many mothers around the world for their beloved daughters.

The reason you should buy some Emer menstrual panties right away!

Why do millions of women around the world switch to using Émer menstrual panties? Let us explain why:

1. Reduce waste

Did you know: 200,000 tons of disposable menstrual products are released into the environment each year?

Using menstrual underwear, you can reuse it for 3-5 years, contributing to reducing waste and better protecting the living environment.

2. Cost saving

On average, a woman will spend 414,000,000 VND to buy menstrual products that are only used once in her life. Is this number too big?

Meanwhile, a menstrual panty can be reused 3 to 5 years as advertised by Émer. This helps you save a lot of unnecessary costs while still ensuring that your health is protected even during your menstruation.

3. Confidently do whatever you like

While having their period, many women feel very uncomfortable and stressed when they have to go to work or to take care of their children.  Most of them do not dare to participate in sport’s activities.

While a menstrual panties feels like a normal underwear. You can comfortably wear any outfit and confidently do whatever you want: travel, swim, dance… without worrying about leaks or spills.

Which menstrual pants should I choose to have on light days?

Émer offers 4 different type of style, flow, and color:

1. Amélie: The perfect choice if on your heavy flow days

Amélie’s crotch is designed to be thicker than usual, so the absorption is very good but still ensures lightness and ventilation when worn continuously for a long time.

Amélie’s design is with seductive lace but still suitable for active and trendy girls who experienced heavy flow and want absolute peace of mind. The stretchy lace makes Amélie the top comfortable pants in Émer’s collection!

Amélie daytime underwear

Amélie Menstrual Underpants Night

2. Valerie: Great product for the night

Valerie has been designed for medium to heavy flow. In addition, the product has a high waistband that hugs the belly to help you sleep better without fear of having stains on your bedsheet.

Many girls like this model because of its high-waisted features. The feeling of hugging the abdomen of the pants helps to reduce pain, and is discreet enough to wear with skirts and dresses that are less revealing.

Valerie menstrual panties are designed with a higher back and perfect long pads to help prevent “strawberry” from sticking to the bed

3. Stella: Suitable for your “medium flow” 

Stella uses ultra-thin, light, absorbent and extremely breathable fabric that is suitable for medium menstrual periods or the last day of menstruation. The product has a basic design, so it is very “popular” with girls who love simple style.

This is also the preferred model of pants for mothers to choose for their teenage girls because of their privacy, comfort and simplicity. The nude Stella is a great assistant for schoolgirls to wear with ao dai, and the navy blue Stella is the girls’ favorite pants!

Stella is super thin and extremely breathable, suitable for women who are about to end their period

4. Merla : Menstrual Swimsuits

Merla is designed specifically for swimming, dancing or yoga without the need to wear extra pants , nor worry about your period spilling onto the pool or outside the pool.

The wide waistband is extremely tight to help you feel secured while you swim. You can fully participate in your favorite sports activities. If your pants feel full after a few hours of swimming, you can go to the bathroom and gently rub your pants with water to clean up your period. In just a few minutes, your menstrual swimsuits are ready to go again!

Menstrual bottom swimsuit with basic black are easy to mix with any fashion swimwear

Tips to choose the right menstrual underwear for your needs

  • Choose menstrual pants that match your body size to best prevent leakage. If you are confused between 2 sizes, choose the smaller size.
  • Night pants are not ideal when worn during the day, because they are not as breathable as day panty, so you can experienced sweating.  Your flow will also be concentrated on the crotch instead of overflowing the back of the pants when sleeping at night.


Through Émer’s sharing, you understand why menstrual panties are so popular with women around the world. To make your period pass smoothly, buy 3-5 pieces to alternately change.

Inbox Facebook Émer Vietnam to advise on the correct size according to your height and weight.

Special: Émer has a policy to return the size within 3 days (pants must be 100% new, untagged). You can shop with confidence!