Which menstrual product will make you save money?


Date: 19/09/2023

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Did you know: a woman has to pay about 414,000,000 VND for disposable menstrual products during her lifetime. Too expensive right?

So, how to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your period? Let’s find the answer with Emer in the article below!

Which menstrual product is effective, safe and still cost-effective?

3 Menstrual products are commonly used today

Sanitary pads, Tampons are the most familiar menstrual products; you must have used them throughout your period. However, is this the best choice for you?

1. Sanitary napkins (BVS)

Although the price of pads is quite cheap, you will use many pads throughout your menstrual cycle. In addition, you need to use nighttime pads to prevent leaks and often choose products with high breathability and antibacterial properties – most of these pads are expensive.

For example: your menstrual cycle lasts 6 days and you choose to use the dry Kotex (8 pieces) for 42,000 VND (not including night pads).

Every day you will use about 3 – 4 pieces => the amount you pay in a menstrual cycle is about 126,000 VND => 1 year you will pay 1,512,000 VND only for pads and year after year This amount will be even more “consequent”.

2. Tampons

The market price is higher than that of the pads, but you have to change the Tampon continuously every 4 hours to avoid infection, harming the your vagina and your health.

For example: your menstrual cycle is 5 days, a box of Tampons with 6 pieces costs 55,000 VND => you will use 6 pieces daily => during your menstrual cycle you will use a total of 30 pieces (5 boxes) and total cost to pay is 275,000 VND. Not a small number, right?

3. Menstrual cup

For example, you only need to pay about 599,000 VND – 749,000 VND for 5 years of using a Lincup menstrual cup. Although the price is affordable, it is not suitable for everyone, especially teenagers who are in puberty.

Menstrual cups are the least expensive options, but it is not suitable  for  everyone 

Surely you are wondering which menstrual product you should used, which one is safe, easy to use and yet economical? Try Menstrual Underwear Today!

Why is menstrual underwear the best solution to help you save money during the “red light” period?

Because it is manufactured according to European safety standards, Émer menstrual pants have strong antibacterial ability to help optimize use time up to 10 hours.

If there is no leak, you only need to change your pants once a day => throughout the cycle, you only need at least 3 panties.

If your menstrual cycle lasts from 5-7 days or if you have heavy periods, it is better to invest in 6 panties to be able to use it comfortably.

In addition, Émer menstrual panties can be reused for 3 – 5 years, saving you more costs than any other menstrual products.

Menstrual panties are designed like regular underwear featuring antibacterial, leak-proof 4 layers protection.

Émer is currently having a promotion “Super hot combo:

  • Combo 1: 10% off when buying 3 menstrual pants => only 620,100/piece.
  • Combo 2: 15% off when buying 6 menstrual pants => only 585,650/piece.

Check out, in 3-5 years, the cost you will need to spend on your period is only from 1,860,300 (for 3 pairs of pants) to 3,513,900 (for 6 pairs of pants).

Menstrual cup Émer Menstrual Pants Sanitary napkin Tampon
Cost for 1 year 549,000 – 749,000 VND 1,860,300 – 3,513,900 VND From 1,512,000 VND From 3,300,000 VND
Cost for 3 years 549,000 – 749,000 VND 1,860,300 – 3,513,900 VND From 4,536,000 VND From 9,900,000 VND
Cost for 5 years 549,000 – 749,000 VND 1,860,300 – 3,513,900 VND From 7,560,000 VND From 16,500,000 VND

The price is an “estimation” but on the long-term, not only you will save costs but also contributing to reducing the amount of waste in the living environment. So what are you waiting for? Buy some right away?

The outstanding advantages of Émer, menstrual underwear

Émer Menstrual Panties are made of extremely soft and safe fabric for sensitive areas, so when you put them on, they are no different from normal underwear. You will totally forget about your period.

The biggest advantage of menstrual panties is the 4-layer technology, the bottom is designed to be thicker and longer from 35-40cm with super-absorbent ability equivalent to 5 pieces of BVS, helping to lock all liquids inside.

4 Smart layers make Émer menstrual panties, the perfect ones

Using Émer menstrual underwear, you will no longer have to worry about leaks allowing you to wear any clothes you love.

Especially: All Émer menstrual panties products are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, committed to not contain any harmful chemicals, so mothers around the world trust to use for their children when reaching puberty. .

Various models to suit all needs

Émer menstrual underwear has many different models and colors, meeting all the needs of customers such as: seamless panties, high-waisted panties, low-rise panties, daytime panties (“flow”) more/less), night panties…

Besides, Émer is also the only brand in Vietnam that provides period swimwear. The product has a basic and trendy design, so you can combine it with any top swimsuit design.

Beautiful and trendy swimming bottom

How to properly use and take care of your menstrual underwear?

Always remember: only use cold water to clean stains on menstrual panties. Do not use warm or hot water while rinsing your menstrual panty it will affect the quality of use.

In addition, you should avoid using softener to fragrance the product because it will reduce the absorbency of your menstrual panty.

The best: wash your menstrual pants directly under cold water, just gently rub the blood on the crotch to disappear. Then wash with washing powder or machine wash and dry in the sun and store in a separate cabinet.


As modern women, we should aim for high quality products while making sure it is efficent and safe. Émer menstrual panties are innovative making it the perfect investment to improve your life and reduce global waste, and most importantly, to forget about your menstruation!