Why are millions of women switching to menstrual panties?


Date: 19/09/2023

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We are all too familiar with the use of tampons, sanitary pads and menstrual cups during “shark week”, but are they our best choices? In fact, many women have sensitive skin, which can develop rashes and discomfort when exposed to pads or tampons. On top of that, menstrual cups and tampons are not made for everyone.

If those are also your problems, you may benefit from menstrual panties. Menstrual underwear is described as a “life saver” for women all over the world. Experts also consider this an extremely innovative and revolutionary product, helping to change women’s lives.

If you are surprised to hear about “menstrual pants”, Émer will answer all your questions about this special product line in this article:

What is so special about menstrual underwear that makes millions of women infatuated?

What is Menstrual Underwear?

Menstrual pants are special underwear that replaces sanitary pads, tampons or regular menstrual cups.

The period-proof underwear possesses many outstanding features: comfort anti-leak, antibacterial, breathable and super absorbent, equivalent to 5 tampons.

Plus, it is designed with comfortable and lightweight fabric for greater comfort.

A premium menstrual panty can be reused for 3-5 years, saving you a lot of money compared to using other products such as pads and tampons.

How do menstrual panties work?

Menstrual panties have the same design and look as a regular pair of underwear, but the crotch has more layers to absorb your flow and prevent leaks while still being comfortable and airy.

There are many types of menstrual underwear that serve different purposes. The main reason many people love menstrual panties is that they feel the same as regular underwear, but the additional layers allow them to work like a pad, super absorbent and anti-leak. You will forget about your period, and that is why it is the first choice of many women today.

Why you should use menstrual underwear

In addition to bringing comfort, protection and 0% chemicals, menstrual panties are becoming the sustainable choice of women around the world because of their great environmental and economic benefits.

Why do millions of women choose menstrual panties over sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups?

● 5,000 – 15,000 pads and tampons (including applicators and wrappers) are used by a woman during her lifetime. This leads to a huge amount of waste in the environment that is non-recyclable.

● $18,000 is the amount a woman would pay for sanitary napkins and tampons – products that are only used once in a lifetime.

Meanwhile, a pair of menstrual panties can be reused for 3-5 years. You only need to wash, dry and wear throughout the cycle. This helps you to contribute to the reduction of waste and effective cost savings.

In addition, Joanna Griffiths – Founder of Knix brand shared the great benefits of using menstrual pants, specifically:

● Wewer worries when your period shows up.

● No need to carry spare tampons or tampons.

● Environmentally friendly.

● Chemicals free.

● Prevent irritation.

Menstrual underwear is a great product, helping women all over the world to experience their menstrual cycle safely and comfortably

Menstrual pants are safe for sensitive skin and do not cause any itching compared to wearing pads or tampons for a long time. In addition, the product is an ideal choice for women who are not used to using tampons and menstrual cups.

How to use and care for menstrual underwear?

To keep your menstrual underwear durable and maintain its performance, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the panty, specifically:

● First, gently rinse the pants under cold water to remove blood from the bottom.

● Then put it in the washing machine without a softener and water below 40 degrees. Hang to dry.

Is the blood stain hard to remove from menstrual underwear?

100% No. Menstrual underwear is specially designed to help blood flow in and out, so it will not leave any stains.

Note when using menstrual pants

Avoid using hot or warm water to wash your period panties. This will cause the blood to pool and be difficult to clean. Instead, always use cold water to clean menstrual pants and machine wash under 40 degrees.

In addition, you should not use any softener when washing your underwear, as this can affect product quality and usability.

Where to buy quality menstrual underwear?

Dubbed as the best premium brand of menstrual underwear in Vietnam – Émer brings users high-quality menstrual panties with French technology made from special anti-bacterial fabrics, extremely safe for the lady part.

The biggest difference compared to other product lines is that Émer menstrual pants have a smart antibacterial 4-layer structure:

●The first layer helps to absorb moisture and create breathability.

● The second layer is highly absorbent, the equivalent of 3-5 conventional pads.

● Third layer, ultimate waterproof layer.

● The fourth layer is the main fabric for durability and fashion.

Wearing Émer menstrual panties will always make you feel comfortable and protected because of its absorbency which is 3 times higher than sanitary pads or tampons, high breathability, and anti-leak ability. In addition, Émer’s panties are made of antibacterial fabric technology from France to effectively deodorize and limit inflammation.

=> You can safely use period underwear for up to 10 hours during the day and reuse it for 3-5 years like a regular panty.

Émer menstrual underwear has all the advantages you are looking for: super absorbency, anti-leak, breathability, antibacterial, comfortable and sexy.

Émer currently offers a variety of menstrual underwear styles to meet all customer needs from low-rise, high-waisted pants to seamless pants. Émer also categorizes each panty for your active day or a quiet night, even a high-end period swimsuit to help you swim confidently during that time of the month.


Using Émer menstrual underwear is a way to help you protect your own health and contribute to the protection of the environment. In order for your menstrual cycle to go smoothly, you should buy a minimum of 3 pieces up to 6 pieces to cover your cycle.

For any questions about product prices and delivery methods, please call the hotline 0888.400.922 or inbox our fanpage Émer Vietnam – Émer staff is always eager to advise!